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Curbside Orders & Pick-Up

North Door

Monday-Friday 7a-5p

Saturday & Sunday 8a-5p

We have a slightly abbreviated menu available for our curbside ordering & pick-up.


Click the link below, and after you've completed your order, you will get an estimated pick-up time.


Pull up in front of the North side of our building, 55 East College Street, Ste. 3 440.774.7570 and we will place your order on a table just outside the door for you to grab and go. Contactless, safe and simple.

Order Online!Starting May 15th

Walk-Up Orders

South Door

Monday-Friday 7a-5p

Saturday & Sunday 8a-5p

--6 ft--    --6ft--

We will also have a walk-up option, with our full menu options, at the South door, facing the green space, behind our building. 55 E. College St.


Place your order with one of our healthy, friendly staff who will be situated behind plexiglass with a face covering, ready to take your order which will then be prepared in a safe environment.


We ask that customers adhere to social distancing and remain 6+ feet apart along the building while waiting to order, marks will be there for reference. 


We will still only be accepting contactless payment options (no cash transactions yet).